Who We Are and Why Fbrand

Professional Driving Simulators to Achieve Your Marketing Objectives and More

What does it mean to rely on Fbrand today?

Types of Simulators
F1, Formula E, GT, Rally, Motorcycle, Kart, Truck, Drifting
Realized Events
For companies, fairs, shopping centers, car dealers, hotels and racetracks
Rides on board the simulators
Satisfied Drivers, Happy Customers
Selected Customers
From multinationals to SMEs
Our Mission
We help companies increase the flow of customers and sales, improving their image and increasing the satisfaction and involvement of their customers, with memorable and successful events, thanks to our Professional Driving Simulators and our exclusive services!
Our Vision
We aim to provide increasingly innovative and functional technological solutions and services to support companies in organizing unique, original, engaging events capable of generating new business. From Virtual Reality, to Artificial Intelligence, to integration with eSports, we are always looking at the future of Driving Simulation.

Founder and History

“Driving Simulators? When I started they were simple video games... Today they are among the most powerful marketing weapons, but also the object of desires of entrepreneurs and pilots!" – Fulvio Paparo, Founder Fbrand

They were just virtual games, a passion for technology nerds and video game lovers... Today Simulators have become a high-profit marketing investment, as well as prestige products, luxury for a few entrepreneurs, who can and want to enjoy an experience unique, to be envied by everyone.

Professional Driving Simulators Fbrand they are now objects of desire for every ambitious entrepreneur, successful company and professional driver who wants to exponentially improve their driving skills!

Fulvio Paparo Founder Fbrand with Niki Lauda, ​​three-time Formula 1 champion driver, two with Ferrari and one with McLarenFulvio Paparo, Founder Fbrand, with Niki Lauda, ​​three-time Formula 1 champion driver, twice with Ferrari and once with McLaren. Photo taken in 2016 at the event at the Admiral Casino in Mendrisio, Switzerland).

Fulvio Paparofounder of Fbrand, with Guido Meda, famous commentator on Sky Sport.Fulvio Paparofounder of Fbrand, with Guido Meda, famous commentator on Sky Sport. Photo taken in 2021 at the Sky Sport MotoGP Stand at EICMA 2021, Milano Rho Fiera).

“Helping companies increase the flow of customers and sales, improving their image and increasing the satisfaction and involvement of their customers, with memorable and successful events: this is the purpose of Fbrand! " - Fulvio Paparo

It all started in the 2000s, when a friend introduced me, by chance, to Driving Simulators... And from then on I immediately understood the market potential of these splendid high-tech jewels...

As an entrepreneur I was immediately struck by inspiration. The adrenaline of the race, the emotion of the events, the fun of a virtual challenge, the innovative power of technology: all the ingredients were there for a NEW MARKETING WEAPON. So I got into the business with Fbrand!

Since then I have had only one mission: to transform those video games into very high quality products, synonymous with luxury and technological prestige, with exclusive services ideal for events, fairs, marketing, driver training, eSports, Sim Racing or for personal enjoyment.

When I entered the Simulator market, manufacturers limited themselves to building static driving simulators, for PCs or gaming consoles: decent products, but very far from what we have brought to the market today...

Furthermore, the simulators were offered without adequate marketing and event organization services and skills, without customization. Fbrand has filled these gaps with a comprehensive service that has enabled the success of hundreds of high-level events.

Today Fbrand offers dozens of ultra-realistic Professional Dynamic Driving Simulators (F1 Simulators, Formula E, Gran Turismo, Rally, Motorcycle, Truck, Kart), capable of faithfully replicating all the driving sensations, from speed to braking, from steering to drifting, from driving on dirt roads (Rally) to driving electric motor (Formula E and Electric Car), to the folding on two wheels (MotoGP) up to driving heavy vehicles (Trucks), all with faithful replication of the driving positions down to the smallest details (steering wheel, pedals, seats, gearbox, accessories , etc.).

Guido Meda and Mara Sangiorgio - F1 Simulator Station Stand Fbrand Sky Sport - Motorshow Bologna 2-11 December 2016

The Sky Sport Staff, with the commentators Guido Meda, Mara Sangiorgio, Davide Valsecchi, with the Formula 1 Simulator of Fbrand. Photo taken at the 2016 Bologna Motorshow event.

Fulvio Paparo founder of Fbrand with German Denis former striker striker Atalanta Udinese and Napoli Formula 1 Simulator FbrandFulvio Paparofounder of Fbrand, with German Denis, footballer, former striker of Atalanta, Udinese and Napoli. Photo taken in 2014 when German fulfilled his dream of buying an F1 Simulator.

Think about it too... Who wouldn't one day want to be able to speed around at full speed on their car or motorbike, or on a four-wheeled racing car, like a Ferrari F1, or on two wheels, like a Ducati MotoGP, on a dream circuit like Monza, Mugello , Imola, bringing the odometer to 300 km per hour? Everyone would like it... Everyone dreams of it!

Thanks to Fbrand this dream is finally achievable!

In over 10 years we have created hundreds of successful events, designed, produced and sold dozens of Simulators and more...

Every Simulator, every Event, every Customer has had its own great story of success, emotion and fun!

Each Simulator, Event, Customer has its own Story...


Entrepreneurs, event managers, marketing and sales choose Simulators to make a splash at corporate events and at trade fairs, sublimating their guests and visitors with a jewel capable of generating emotions, positivity and pure adrenaline. And at the trade fair stands they ensure queues of visitors, leaving competitors' stands literally empty!


In companies or in shopping centres, in cinemas or in gaming rooms, simulators attract and delight employees, customers and visitors by projecting them into a world of fun, adrenaline, emotions and pure enjoyment. They are also the ideal tool for Team Building, to combine competitiveness, engagement and entertainment!


Many entrepreneurs, footballers, VIPs, or enthusiasts who can indulge in the luxury of a high-tech jewel such as a Professional Driving Simulator, buy it and put it in their home to enjoy it as a prestigious "gem" to be the envy of everyone, and as a moment of personal enjoyment or to share with family and friends.


Thanks to the Simulators, dozens of professional drivers, including esports, have managed to perfect their driving skills even on a real track in just a few weeks of training! This is possible thanks to the technology that allows us to reproduce ultra-realistic driving experiences with extremely high reliability in the details of driving, cars and motorbikes and circuits.

The next success story could be yours…

Because for Simulators you have to rely on Fulvio and Fbrand? 

Fulvio is:

  • The Founder of the market of Professional Driving Simulators of High Range for Corporate Events, Fairs, Business, Luxury, Pilot training, eSports, Sim Racing, Personal Entertainment;
  • Founder of Fbrand, the first reality in Italy and in the world for Professional Driving Simulator Rental for events, fairs and business (short or long-term rental);
  • Founder of ESTech Simulators, new operator in the design, production and sale of high-end, customized professional driving simulators (yes, with us you can buy new and used Professional Driving Simulators, personalized according to your wishes and needs);
  • Founder of Fdrive Garage Experience, the Professional Driving Simulation Center with the largest and most varied park of Professional Simulators in Italy and in the world, as well as Fbrand and ESTech;
  • Creator of the FTechnology standards, for the advanced Driving Simulation technologies present on the new ESTech simulators, and FQuality for quality processes in the company.

Fbrand is:

And again, we are:

youtube video

Above is the video interview with Fulvio Paparo, founder Fbrand, from Radio Canale Italia.

It's not over, we are also:

Why choose Simulators Fbrand? 

Our Simulators are:

  • High-end professional driving simulators, real high-tech jewels, built by high-level engineers, for professional objectives (marketing, professional pilot training) and for high-level fun (luxury);
  • Professional Simulators, which clearly differ from the basic level simulators that you can find in electronics stores, in terms of technology, quality of materials, quality and level of hardware, customizations and more;
  • Dynamic Simulators, non-static, with high-tech movement systems that faithfully replicate the sensations of driving at speed, acceleration, braking, cornering, etc.;
  • Craftsmanship Simulators, Made in Italy, built by engineers and technicians operating in Italy, also with proprietary technologies, requested all over the world.


youtube video

You can try all our Professional Simulators in the Showroom Fdrive in Bergamo, in via Vittore Ghislandi, 33.

And again our Simulators are:

  • High Technology and Innovation Simulators, with innovative simulators (e.g. Formula E and electric cars), development of new technologies (e.g. ABS systems, drifting, etc.), or integration of existing technologies (e.g. 3D viewers for Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) ;
  • Simulators of different categories, ready to use: Formula 1, Formula E, Electric Car, Gran Turismo, Rally, Motorcycle, MotoGP, Truck, Kart;
  • Simulators Always Updated and Able to Evolve, with flexibility of updates, customizations, integrations and technological upgrades;
  • Custom Simulators, for non-standardised solutions, but tailored to the needs and desires of companies, entrepreneurs and pilots.

Who's behind it Fbrand in addition to the founder Fulvio Paparo?

Super Consultant Dedicated to You
For all your needs, a Consultant always with you
Do you want to customize the Simulator, do you want to add services for your event, do you want assistance during the event: at any time and for any need, a dedicated consultant will follow you to ensure that you can dedicate yourself with total focus to the success of your event, the We'll make the simulator work great!
Super Team Marketing & Events
Marketing, Communication and Events professionals
Whether you are a marketing agency, an entrepreneur, marketer, salesperson, manager. events, your interlocutor will always speak your language, fully knowing the best marketing, lead generation and communication strategies and techniques to achieve your profit objectives thanks to the Simulators!
Super Team of Qualified Engineers
Track Engineers, Mechanical, Electronic, Hardware, Software
Make your every wish and customization come true thanks to a team capable of realizing your every need and dream. Do you want a custom car or motorbike in the game? We create it for you! Do you want to race on a new circuit, we will create it for you! Do you want to customize pedals, steering wheel, body? We'll think about it!
Super Research and Development Team
Researchers, Creatives and Developers
Do you want to drive with a 3D and 4K viewer for an immersive experience? Do you want to create driving experiences linked to innovation or the theme of your event? From Augmented Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence, our R&D Team will churn out for you all the most amazing and engaging high-tech "goodies" for cutting-edge events and services!
Super Team Logistics & Operations
To have the Simulator you want, how you want it, where you want it
Let us know which simulator you want, how you want it, when you want it and where you want it: we will take care of everything, from configuration to shipping and delivery, from assembly and testing to disassembly! You won't have to worry about anything, we do everything. Just enjoy the Simulator and your event!
Super Team Graphic, Design, Photo & Video
Graphic designers, designers, photographers and videomakers
From the branding of the Simulator body, to the creation of graphic banners, from the branding of the virtual car to the creation of super attractive stands, from the creation of photographic services, videomaking, photo editing, we have everything you need to organize a memorable branded event!
Super Team Customer Service
Qualified Technicians, Customer Service, Hostesses and more
We have a team of assistants trained for every possible and imaginable need on your part, your clients and guests: from the reception to the technical operation of the simulator, to the organization of tournaments and prize competitions, we have all the best solutions ready to satisfy and sublimate all participants!
Super Team Finance & Investment
Well yes, we have this too!
Short or long-term rental, rental to own or purchase even with financing: we have solutions for every type of need and investment, from short-term events up to the purchase of Simulators for continuous and prolonged use. Our Finance Managers will offer you the most convenient formula for you!

Why Rental of Simulators for Events and Fairs?


• You always know how much you spend without surprises: all costs are fixed and predetermined;
• No capital immobilization;
• Maximum freedom: at the end of the contract you choose whether to continue, change or return the Simulator.


• Always new and updated simulator;
• Make sure you have a simulator that is always in perfect condition;
• A consultant Fbrand dedicated at your disposal at all times, to support and advise you;
• A technician Fbrand available every day online and on site for software and hardware support in the correct use of the simulator.


• Clear and transparent taxation;
• Deductibility of costs, deductibility of VAT and consultancy service for any clarification on the matter;
• All inclusive service;
• All the services for your user experience included in a single predetermined monthly fee.


• Our daily mission is to help companies increase customer flow and sales, develop their brand awareness, engage and satisfy their customers, organizing unique and successful events.
• This is supported by our passion, experience and expertise in marketing as well as technology.

What Exclusive Services You Will Get With Fbrand, unobtainable on the market

  • Tailor-made rental
    In the short or long term, even with redemption

    Flexible and customized solutions for short or long corporate events. Possibility of rental with redemption for companies, entrepreneurs or pilots.

  • Marketing Support
    To Achieve Corporate Goals

    Develop your brand awareness and promote your image on the simulator body, on the virtual car, on the track and more.

  • Technical assistance
    For you and for those who board the Simulator

    You will never be alone: ​​qualified technical staff will assist you and your guests for a unique, exciting and positive experience.

  • Logistic support
    Simulator ready where and when you want

    Transport, assembly, disassembly, on the day and time you want: Fbrand already has the best logistics solutions ready for you.

  • Branding of the Simulator
    To Promote Your Brand to the Top

    Develop your brand awareness and promote your image on the simulator body, on the virtual car, on the track and more.

  • Personalized Experience
    Customize Your Simulator

    Choose the color you want on the simulator, ask for modifications or special arrangements, even for the virtual car.

  • Timed Virtual Race
    Put your guests in competition

    Entertain your guests even more with a virtual race with real-time time recording: also suitable for prize competitions.

  • Multiplayer Competition
    To compete in real-time on multiple simulators

    If you want an even more fierce and fun competition you can create multiplayer challenges for 2 or more simulators.

  • Augmented Virtual Reality
    For even more exciting experiences

    With the Oculus VR headset, the virtual experience becomes even more realistic and exciting.

  • Hospitality service
    For a proper welcome to your guests

    Our hostess and reception service allows to improve the involvement and experience of everyone in the event.

  • Photo & Video Engagement
    With more interaction and involvement

    Not only to have photos and video memories to publish, but also to take advantage of the involvement during and after the event on social networks.

  • Let Us Know Your Idea
    Ask and your ideas will come true

    Each event has its own peculiarities and specific needs: ask for what you would like and we will provide you with our proposal.

Not just simulator rental: Fbrand is part of FGROUP

Rental for Corporate Events and Fairs

We bring you queues of customers and visitors, we make them entertained and excited in any type of event, fair, promotion, marketing initiative.

Design, Production and Sale of High-End Simulators

We design, produce and sell high-end professional driving simulators, handcrafted and made in Italy, also completely customized, for entrepreneurs, pilots and companies.

Professional Simulation Center


We host Professional Pilots, eSports Pilots, Team Building Events, Private Parties, Groups of Friends and Enthusiasts, in our Center with all the Simulators Fbrand available!

Total Quality Management

We adopt reference models (TQM) aimed at maximizing internal company performance and that of our customers, through processes and standards of the highest quality, ISO 9001 systems and more.

FGROUP is the only company in the world of Professional Driving Simulators to be ISO 9001 CERTIFIED

Super Guarantees for the Perfect Success of all your Events

Solidity and over ten years of experience on the market
We are a company with €100.000 of fully paid-up capital
The business is serious, here we deal with high-tech jewels and your interlocutor must be a serious, competent, solid operator!
Ministerial Certifications for Public Use
Avoid heavy fines, certify your events and stay calm
Do business peacefully and, if necessary, we support you with every bureaucratic aspect with simulator certification.
ISO 9001 Certification and Maximum Quality Standards
For all brands and divisions of our group
With the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, you can ensure the highest quality in all our services and business processes.
Hundreds of Testimonials and References
For years, our customers and the press have been talking about us
The continuity of our success over the years is also demonstrated by press articles and reviews on Simulators and Events Fbrand.

They say about us… Dozens of Reviews and Articles from the Press

Fbrand Reviews - Opinions on Professional Driving Simulators Fbrand - Motorbox
Press Review Fbrand - About us
TGCom Truck Simulator Fbrand Futura Expo Brescia FAI

Hundreds of Customers and Reviews on our Simulators and Events

We have worked with:

Some Case Studies

Fbrand Who we are - Case History Sky Sport F1 - Motorshow Bologna
Sky Sport F1 at the Motorshow
“25% more sales than the event's expected goal. Fbrand it was a decisive solution for our objective, also in terms of brand positioning.”
Crowd Queue Stand Tag Heuer OrioCenter Bergamo - GT Rally Simulator Fbrand
Tag Heuer and Fabiani Jewelers
More 30% Sales and 8000 New Leads for Tag Heuer and Fabiani Jewelers with Fbrand and the GT Rally Simulator in front of the Orio Center Bergamo shopping center store.
Petronas Simulator Truck - R&T Center Turin
Petronas R&T Center Turin
“The event was a great success, all customers and employees had fun. Staff Fbrand he was very good, very kind and helpful.”. The Truck Simulator Was Custom Made.

More Testimonials on Fbrand and on Simulators

Sky Italy

Motor Show Bologna 2017

youtube video
Mandolini Auto Dealership

Presentation of the new Audi A3

youtube video
Casino Admiral of Mendrisio

Competition event with Niki Lauda

youtube video
Optical Vision

In-Store Promotion

youtube video
Globo Center Shopping Center

Motor's Days

youtube video
PICTET Asset Management

Savings Hall (MICO)

youtube video

We are here to transform your event into an unforgettable experience and to train the drivers of tomorrow…

Transform your every wish into a high-adrenaline reality!