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Live the Dream of Challenging Your Friends on Professional Driving Simulators

Professional Driving Simulators Reserved Exclusively for You and Your Friends

Why settle for simple simulation video games for PC or game consoles when you can live the unique and exciting experience of professional driving simulation?

That's right: you can experience the thrill of driving in the Professional Driving Simulators promoted by Fbrand in the new showroom in Bergamo.

By reservation only and subject to availability, it will be possible to get on board and compete with friends in an exclusive and confidential way to experience the incredible sensations of speed and sports driving at maximum realism.

Professional Driving Simulators promoted by Fbrand they are products of utmost professionalism and high technological standards.

Built and tested with engineers, pilots and experts in the motor and sports sector, the Professional Driving Simulators you will try are all dynamic thanks to movement systems that faithfully reproduce all the effects of speed, braking and steering.

Thanks to expert programmers and hardware and software technicians who are partners of Fbrand, we can provide tailor-made solutions by making models, accessories, customized and handcrafted components.

Our showroom where the Fdrive Experience is located in Via Ghislandi 33, 24125 Bergamo. A qualified technician will also be present to offer you the best driving experience possible!

You can book from the form below as many simulators as you want and as many times as you want, come with your friends, challenge them in timed races (times are recorded) or in multiplayer mode on multiple simulators.

Check availability in advance and book the date of your interest. You can thus rent all the simulators present for the exclusive use of you and your friends.

Once the payment via Paypal or credit card has been confirmed, you can show up on the day of your booking and finally enjoy one of the most fun and exciting experiences of your life.

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Price list

Below is the price list for each simulator.

The promotional price is available only for booking and online payment via Paypal (also by credit card). The security of the availability of the simulators is only guaranteed by booking and paying online.

The price indicated for the use of the simulator can also be used for more people: for example, it is possible to book half an hour of F1 Simulator and use it in 2 people without paying anything more.

By booking multiple simulators at the same time, you can challenge your friends in multiplayer mode.

To check availability and book one or more Professional Driving Simulators use the booking form below.

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Booking of Simulators

If you need help write to info@fbrand.it or call 035/0383403


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