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Also tested by TV commentator Guido Meda

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Over 220 customers have already chosen Fbrands and Simulators to organize successful events, generating brand development, contacts, customers, engagement and satisfaction!

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Hundreds of customers continue to choose us every year to achieve their marketing goals:

1) create great attention and attraction against his own brand and event;

2) excite and enthuse their guests (visitors, customers, partners, collaborators);

3) create events with a high rate of engagement and team building;

4) collect warm contacts to turn into sales of its own products or services and in profitable partnerships and collaborations.

Everything is possible placing the best Professional Driving Simulators on the market at the center of your project and stand at the fair, company headquarters or shopping center, shop or point of sale, hotel or restaurant, car dealership, racetrack or kart track, as in the photos you see below ...

But why did all these customers choose Fbrand?

How come they chose to rent one or more professional driving simulators for your corporate events?

Why Fbrand Is it the right choice compared to other suppliers?

What guarantees of success can you also have by relying on Fbrand?

Below you will find all the reasons that guarantee you the security of the success of your events thanks to Fbrand and the rental of Professional Driving Simulators!

We won't be talking now, let's talk about our customers and success stories ...

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Some of our success stories

  1. Diletta Capponi, District Supervisor Sky Italy (10-day Bologna Motorshow rental) which confirms in the interview the great success of the initiative with + 25% of closed contracts compared to a truly challenging Target Budget + 2000 contacts / leads of potential customers
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  2. Andrea Maniaz, Audi Manager Audi division, Mandolini Auto Brescia dealer (Audi A3 presentation) - 4 days rental
  3. Alessio Placidi, Deputy Director of the Il Globo L'Aquila Shopping Center (Internal event) - 1 day rental
  4. Aldo Bonomi Vice President of Confindustria and Owner of the Bonomi Industrial Group - 5 days rental and other new events for 2017
  5. Leila Bigolin Marketing Director of Mendrisio Casino (event with Niki Lauda) - 7 days rental
  6. Girolamo Chiaramonte Marketing Director of CNP Partner Assurance SA - 2 days rental
  7. Fabio Vogliotti, Alientech CEO (Company headquarters inauguration event) - 1 day rental
  8. Many more: discover the collection of opinions and reviews on our Professional Racing Simulators!

And now let us give you some important reasons that will make you understand why choose Fbrand as a supplier of your professional driving simulator and not the competition...

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The Highest Made in Italy Technology, Extreme Realism, Maximum Professionalism, Suitable for both Professional Drivers and Passionate Amateurs

Fbrand has relied on the best technological partners on the market to provide you with i Professional Driving Simulators more advanced, higher realism, tested by automotive engineers and professional drivers, able to provide you with products with a high rate of fun, emotion, adrenaline, in complete safety thanks to the Quality Certification for Public Use.

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The beauty of our simulators is that they are capable of combine the utmost professionalism of a product of value and quality, with the simplicity and effectiveness of use from anyone!

This is essential to allow aunique association of value, quality, exclusivity and effectiveness with our customers' products and services.

WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A PC GAME, with simulators full of bugs and errors or difficult to use and not very intuitive, where the driving experience becomes frustrating and negative (Attention: you may get these problems if you rely on other competing suppliers who offer you low prices! Do not trade the quality and prestige of your brand and the experience of your customers for savings).

We are talking about highly technological products, the result of the quality of Made in Italy production, which have thegoal of simulating in your guests and customers the same adrenaline, the same emotions, the same positive vibrations that you feel with the real Formula 1 driving, Rally, Gran Turismo, Moto on the track, but in complete safety!

The end result can only be positive association and a strong feeling towards your products and services and your brand, promoted during the event, only by choosing the Professional Driving Simulators Promoted by Fbrand!

And that's not all ...

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Huge investments and business solidity, many years of experience on the market for simulators and event marketing, knowledge of the best players and technologies on the market

Virtual Reality, Multiplayer, Logistics, Assistance: we have already thought of everything: you just have to choose your favorite simulator!

The figure of € 1.000.000 of invested capital (€ 100.000 of share capital), the aforementioned below 220 managed customers,many years of experience in the simulator sector of professional driving, the provenance and expertise from the marketing sectors, commercial development, total quality management, the detailed knowledge of all the best market operators at all levels of the supply chain, do nothing but reinforce the security of the quality and value of the service you will receive by relying on Most comprehensive simulation provider: Fbrand!

You will not have to waste time selecting suppliers, services and other conditions, because over time we have learned to create events complete with every service and solution: from rental to purchase, from financing for each range of price of simulators  to the customization of the simulator, graphics, hardware and software, to the branding complete, until logistic support.

We will always be by your side with our qualified assistance ...

Professional Dynamic Formula One Simulator Station - Bwt Expocomfort 2018And again augmented virtual reality, multiplayer and prize competitions organization, hospitality services, photo and video engagement.

Fbrand will guide you in creating your perfect event!

Discover services at your disposal!

And we haven't said everything ...

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The only ones to guarantee you events in accordance with the law with simulator certification for public use (if you don't have it, you risk high fines !!!)

A fundamental security and certainty of reliability and success derives from the fact that Fbrand it is the only one to guarantee that the events held are regular and in accordance with the law!

Indeed, the Formula One Simulator Pro is certified for public use in compliance with the Ministerial Decree of 18 May 2007, art. 4 erRegistered at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities Directorate General live entertainment third service.

Before making any price comparison always ask if the simulator is certified for public use: if it is not, you cannot do public events, the risk you run in case of control by the competent authorities (e.g. local police, financial police, carabinieri, etc.) it can vary from the blocking of the event, to the seizure of the simulator, to the administrative fine and also to any penalties.

Another important factor not to be overlooked that you need to know is that the Simulator must be covered by "All Risk" insurance which is Fbrand guarantees you: Product liability, theft and fire, liability vs. third parties, liability vs. collaborators.

And there is still more ...

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What we offer you: all the options available for your needs!

  • Driving simulators F1, Formula E, Motorcycles, Rally, Gran Turismo, Trucks, Go Kart

You can choose our flagship product, the F1 Pro Driving Simulator, viewed among the events also by Niki Lauda (former F1 driver and world champion), even tried by Guido Medes (Sky Sport MotoGp commentator), with the confirmation of aunique driving experience, incredibly realistic and thrilling!

Or you can rely on the thrill and thrill of all the others Professional Driving Simulators.

Nothing prevents you from booking multiple simulators for contemporary use, for even more engaging challenges, even in real-time!

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  • For Corporate Events, Exhibition Stands, Engagement & Team Building, Shopping Centers and Shops, Car and Motorcycle Dealers and more

It doesn't matter what your business is: we have already found the success of events for our customers who are always satisfied without differences by sector from.

Professional Simulators promoted by Fbrand they are ideal for companies, not only of large industrial or service companies, as in the example of Sky Sport cited above, but also for retail and for stores, who want to promote new products, services or other special events, as in the case of VisionOttica below ...

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What better combination between cars and driving simulators? Car dealerships are the ideal place to host Driving Simulators, attract a large crowd of motoring enthusiasts, ready to become potential buyers... As in the case of Mandolini Auto on the occasion of the presentation of the new Audi ...

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Another ideal place where Professional Driving Simulators Promoted by Fbrand can they entertain and entertain their guests? They are definitely the shopping malls, where the Simulators are an attraction for enthusiasts and curious, but also for those who shop and want to relax and have fun between one shopping and another! This is confirmed by the video testimony of the Globo Center Shopping Center in L'Aquila ...

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You will be contacted within a few hours for info on Simulators and how we can help you organize successful corporate events and marketing initiatives!