Discover the Best Services for Successful Events with Professional Driving Simulators

The Services Behind Our Successful Events

Tailor-made rental
The basis for a top event
Flexible solutions for short or prolonged corporate events, even for pilots and entrepreneurs, with one or more Car Driving Simulators and Professional Motorcycles also of different types.
Qualified Technical Assistance
For a positive experience and a perfect image
You will never be alone: ​​qualified technical staff will assist you and your guests for a unique, exciting and positive experience.
Marketing Support
To achieve your goals
What marketing and commercial objective do you want to achieve with the use of Professional Driving Simulators? Fbrand helps you make it happen.
Logistic support
Simulator ready where and when you want
Transport, assembly, disassembly, on the day and time you want: Fbrand already has the best logistics solutions ready for you.
Certification and Insurance
Create events in complete safety
Fbrand offers ready-made solutions with simulator certification for public use and product insurance.

Plus Services for Truly Unique and Profitable Events

  • Branding of the Simulator
    To Promote Your Brand to the Top

    Develop your brand awareness and promote your image on the simulator body, on the virtual car, on the track and more.

  • Personalized Experience
    Customize Your Simulator

    Choose the color you want on the simulator, ask for modifications or special arrangements, even for the virtual car.

  • Timed Virtual Race
    Put your guests in competition

    Entertain your guests even more with a virtual race with real-time time recording: also suitable for prize competitions.

  • Multiplayer Competition
    To compete in real-time on multiple simulators

    If you want an even more fierce and fun competition you can create multiplayer challenges for 2 or more simulators.

  • Augmented Virtual Reality
    For even more exciting experiences

    With the Oculus VR headset, the virtual experience becomes even more realistic and exciting.

  • Hospitality service
    For a proper welcome to your guests

    Our hostess and reception service allows to improve the involvement and experience of everyone in the event.

  • Photo & Video Engagement
    With more interaction and involvement

    Not only to have photos and video memories to publish, but also to take advantage of the involvement during and after the event on social networks.

  • Let Us Know Your Idea
    Ask and your ideas will come true

    Each event has its own peculiarities and specific needs: ask for what you would like and we will provide you with our proposal.

Tailor-made Solutions Successfully Tested in Every Sector

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Corporate Events

Create unique and engaging corporate events for customers, collaborators and partners. Ideal for public events where to promote brands, products and services or for private events for employees, team building, training camp.

Professional F1 Simulator Station Fbrand - Admiral Casino event in Mendrisio Switzerland

Hotel and Tourism

Hotels, tourist accommodation facilities, restaurants, bars, pubs, amusement parks, casinos and other places of passage and entertainment are ideal for attracting and entertaining even more people with the presence of Driving Simulators.

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Event Agencies

Event, marketing and communication agencies can indulge themselves in creating exciting and stimulating events for their customers, choosing from the various Professional Driving Simulators and services available.

Stand Vision Ottica Milan June 2017 - Professional F1 Driving Simulator Fbrand

Retail and Shops

Even shops, points of sale, supermarkets and anyone who does retail can take advantage of the Formula 1, Rally, Truck and Motorcycle simulators to increase customers, sales and improve their image.

Professional Driving Simulator for Shopping Centers

Shopping centers

For shopping centers, the rental of F1 Simualtors and other Professional Simulators is the ideal business to attract a greater flow of visitors, engage them, excite them and generate more sales in the center.

F1 simulator Fbrand - Fassina Group Car Dealer Tony Fassina - Milan

Auto Dealers

Fbrand it is the ideal solution with one or more of the Professional Driving Simulators for car or motorbike dealers who want to promote events, test drives, new releases and increase their business.

F1 started with the Simulator at the Free Time Fair in Bolzano

Fairs and Festivals

From the largest technological, innovative, motor and business fairs, to the most traditional local festivals, the F1, GT Rally, Truck and Motorcycle Simulators can attract any type of target, men, women and children.

Event Fbrand - Ideal Standard Formula 1 simulators - Monza racetrack

Racetracks and Sports

Racetracks and kart tracks, sports centers, rallies and events dedicated to motors or sports are the ideal environment to host the Professional Driving Simulator, thrilling and attracting more guests and customers.

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