Professional Driving Simulators

Choose from the Best Professional Driving Simulators to Excite Your Customers and Create Successful Events

Formula 1 simulators

Professional F1 Simulator Fbrand - Formula 1 Driving Simulator Sym 030
Professional F1 Simulator Top Performer

Experience the Adrenaline of a Real F1 Driver

With the Professional F1 Driving Simulator you can make guests and customers feel pure adrenaline in your corporate events. The Formula One Dynamic Driving Simulator is an ideal product for corporate events, fairs, festivals and for any similar event in which the goal is to generate queues of excited and satisfied visitors and customers, increasing their business and associating value and extremely positive image.

Formula E simulators

Professional FE Simulator Fbrand - Formula E Sym Pro Dynamic Driving Simulator
Professional Formula E Simulator Street Thunder

Let yourself be electrified by Formula E

With the Professional Formula E Driving Simulator (electric motor) you can literally electrify everyone in the most innovative and cutting-edge events. The Formula E Dynamic Driving Simulator is perfect for events where technologies, futuristic visions and other similar occasions reign in order to attract new customers, excite them, satisfy them, increasing brand awareness and associating an innovative and modern image.

Rally simulators

Professional Rally Simulator Offroad Fury

Experience the thrill of the dirt track

With the Professional Rally Driving Simulator you can experience (and bring to life) the thrill of the dirt track. The Rally Dynamic Driving Simulator is suitable for all business events where you want to bring more guests and customers, thrilling them and generating more sales and brand awareness. The Simulator is available in different versions and sizes for flexible needs.

Gran Turismo simulators

Petronas GT Rally Simulator Fbrand
Professional Gran Turismo Simulator Wild Motion

Test Your Gran Turismo Driving Skills

With the Professional Gran Turismo Driving Simulator you can test your skills as a Gran Turismo driver. The GT Dynamic Driving Simulator is suitable for any type of corporate event, trade fair, shopping center, tourist business, car dealership, racetrack and kart track, where the goal is to generate continuous customer flow, sales, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. , collaborators, partners.

Motorcycle simulators

Professional Motorcycle Simulator Fbrand - Ciani Restaurant Lugano - Axion Swiss Bank
Active Dynamic Professional Motorcycle Simulator

Experience the thrill of racing on a racing bike

With the Active Professional Motorcycle Simulator you can feel the thrill of lean and racing on a real MotoGP or other racing bike. The Dynamic Motorcycle Simulator is suitable not only for events for two-wheel enthusiasts, but for any corporate event, for young and old, sporting and motoring events, where emotion and business will be the ideal combination to bring you new customers and new business. .

Truck Simulators

Professional Truck Simulator Fbrand - Truck Driving Simulator - Truck Sym Pro Dynamic
Professional Truck Simulator Street Dominator

Show off your true trucker disposition

With the Professional Truck Driving Simulator you can really have fun all aboard the cabin of a truck at full speed. The Truck Dynamic Driving Simulator is suitable for corporate, technological, sporting, "alternative" events, to feel real "tough", daring and courageous drivers or rather "truck drivers" ready to whiz at full speed. A product that will undoubtedly not leave your guests and customers indifferent.

Go Kart simulators

Professional Go Kart Simulator - Hot Race Junior - Driving Simulator for Children
Professional Kart Simulator Hot Race Junior

Realistic driving in safety for the little ones

With the Professional Go Kart Driving Simulator you can entertain children from 6 to 12 years of age in complete safety. The Go Kart Driving Simulator is designed for children at their first experiences who want to learn Go Kart driving or have fun in total safety up to the more experienced who want to train and improve their driving skills. Ideal for events dedicated to children.

Professional Driving Simulators

Professional Driving Simulators - F1, Rally, GT, Truck and Motorcycle Fbrand
Dynamic Driving Simulators

Get on board the Dynamic Simulators

When you get on board any Professional Driving Simulator promoted by Fbrand you will immediately notice the difference compared to video games: dynamic platforms; controls and accessories faithfully reproduced in every detail; Incredibly realistic and exciting steering, movements and driving sensations. Only with Fbrand you can try professional quality products ideal for business.