Generic Flight Simulator

Experience the Thrill of Flight as a True Airline Pilot

Take control of an airliner, from small Cessnas to giants of the skies!

Flight simulator

The device is equipped with a complete flight control system to simulate any aircraft or helicopter.

Technical features and software


" Steel structure.
»On-board instrumentation reproducing flight attitudes, speed, altitude, landing gear control, engine control, joystick, flap control, spoiler control, engine ignition, Garmin G1000 type navigation systems.
»Possible maneuvers with the help of the simulator: take-off, landing, low runway axis passage, looping, tonneau, inverted flight, stall, bell ... Eventually with expert pilots, by setting the expert mode, it is possible to configure the entire simulator to perform all the maneuvers real without any limit.
»Complete flight control system.
»Cockpit lighting led.
»Instrumentation with 3 monitors with digital front panel and touchscreen command.
»Engine throttle with two separate aluminum levers + spoiler lever.
»Pedal in steel.
»Flap command.
»Elevator trim.
»Carts status led.
»Saitek pushbutton panel for avionics lights, batteries, pitot and other functions.
»4 programmable switches
»High performance PC.
»1 x 50-inch HD monitor.
»2.1 sound system with subwoofer.

It is a flight simulator professional. Also adopted by some aeronautics as a procedural trainer (as in the case of the Italian Air Force).
Software support is provided directly by the software manufacturer.

The flight simulator is available for purchase.

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