Military Flight Simulator

Experience the Thrill of a Real Top Gun on a Military Plane

Extreme realism and real Top Gun emotions

Flight simulator

The device is equipped with a complete flight control system.

Technical features and software


»Aluminum structure with 3DOF dynamic movements.
»On-board instrumentation reproducing flight attitudes, speed, altitude, landing gear control, engine control, joystick, flap control, spoiler control, engine ignition, Garmin G1000 type navigation systems.
»Possible maneuvers with the help of the simulator: take-off, landing, low runway axis passage, looping, tonneau, inverted flight, stall, bell ... Eventually with expert pilots, by setting the expert mode, it is possible to configure the entire simulator to perform all the maneuvers real without any limit.
»Complete flight control system.
»Instrumentation LCD digital front panel" glass cockpit "including button breaker switches: artificial horizon, altimeter, gyro directional anemometer Vor / ndb, compass, turbine rpm, EGT exhaust gas temperatures, engine ignition, depth trim, light switch, trolley control, flaps control, navigation system.
»Movement system reproducing all flight effects such as: lateral / longitudinal inclinations (max 15 °), yaw, vibrations and displacement along the Z axis (vertical); the physical effects provide, thanks to the full motion platform, the possibility of experiencing the sensations of lateral, longitudinal and vertical inclination of each flight phase, returning unique emotions and a first level realism, including vibrations on the ground and / or in flight. high and low frequency.
»Side buttons.
»Central or lateral cloche with realistic grip and force feedback.
»Professional steel pedal, adjustable, reproducing sensations of real effort; controls the tail rudder and the steering wheel for taxiing to the ground.
»Internal led lighting.
»Military seat.
»High performance PC.
»1 height-adjustable 52-inch HD monitor.


Flight Simulator X software + addon, various single or multiengine aircraft models. Reproductive scenarios, with satellite mapping; every airport and territory of the entire planet will be pre-installed with the ability to fly to every existing airport and area of ​​the world.



It is a flight simulator professional. Also adopted by some aeronautics as a procedural trainer (as in the case of the Italian Air Force).
Software support is provided directly by the software manufacturer.


The flight simulator is available for purchase.