Are you a private individual? You discover Fdrive

Professional Simulators for Entrepreneurs, Pilots and Enthusiasts

Finally i high technology and quality products Fbrand (the top-of-the-range Professional Simulators used by companies for corporate events) are also available for private individuals for truly unique, thrilling and ultra-realistic driving experiences.


For Pilots and Entrepreneurs

Pilots and Entrepreneurs can Rent, exclusively, the Personalized Simulator according to your needs and wishes, at home or at the space Fdrive dedicated to Pilots.

The solution Custom Simulator includes:

  • Parameter setting of physical simulator, virtual car and circuit;
  • Technical assistance by specialized personnel.


For everyone

Fdrive offers numerous opportunities and methods of use for all:

  • Try the Simulators in the Centers Fdrive, even with friends in Multiplayer;
  • In the Centers Fdrive it is also possible to organize events and tournaments, birthday parties and more;
  • It is also possible to give a driving experience as a gift Fdrive.
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