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Discover the Best Driving Simulatorsformula 1Formula ERallyGTTruckMotorcycleProfessional
Professional F1 Simulator Fbrand - Formula 1 Driving Simulator Sym 030

Formula 1 simulator

Experience the adrenaline of a real F1 driver aboard the professional Formula 1 Simulators with the highest technology on the market for an ultra-realistic driving experience.
Professional FE Simulator Fbrand - Formula E Sym Pro Dynamic Driving Simulator

Formula E simulator

Experience the thrill of electric motor driving on the professional Formula E Simulator, race on the tracks in the most beautiful cities in the world, such as the Italian circuit Roma EUR.

Rally simulator

Experience the thrill of driving on dirt, feel vibrations, swerves, jumps over bumps and bumps behind the wheel of the Professional Rally Simulator with body.
Petronas GT Rally Simulator Fbrand

GT simulator

Feel the adrenaline of GT driving aboard the Gran Turismo Simulator and demonstrate your road driving skills with the most beautiful and famous cars in the world.
Professional Truck Simulator Fbrand - Truck Driving Simulator - Truck Sym Pro Dynamic

Truck Simulator

Get all your energy out and feel like a real truck driver on the Professional Truck Simulator. Race at full speed on the "rulers" of the road.
Professional Motorcycle Simulator Fbrand - Ciani Restaurant Lugano - Axion Swiss Bank

Motorcycle simulator

Experience the thrill of the lean on a real MotoGP with the Professional MotoGP Simulator, feel the thrill of cornering and speed on two wheels.
Professional Go Kart Simulator - Hot Race Junior - Driving Simulator for Children

Go Kart simulator

Have fun at full speed and in complete safety on the Professional Kart Simulator for children aged 6 to 12 years. For an extremely realistic driving experience.

We customize the services for your business and your enjoyment

Short and long term rental, also with redemption
Rental of high-tech F1, Formula E, Rally, Gran Turismo, Truck, Motorcycle, Go Kart simulators for marketing and promotional initiatives in corporate events, trade fairs, shopping centres, shops, hotels and restaurants, car and motorbike dealers, other businesses .
Customizations and Exclusive Services
Customize Your Event and Simulator
Flexible solutions, technical assistance, logistics, marketing are just the basis of the high quality service Fbrand which includes many other opportunities to achieve marketing objectives with Car and Motorcycle Driving Simulators.
Sale of new and used simulators
Buy Driving Simulators for You or Your Company
Enjoy your Professional Driving Simulator completely customized to your desires and needs: training, fun, relaxation for you, your friends, your collaborators. We are ready to make your dreams come true, step by step.
Simulation Center for Pilots and Private Individuals
Train, challenge yourself and your friends, have fun
Book Professional Driving Simulators to train or have fun, challenge yourself and your friends: don't settle for video games, try dynamic simulators for an incredibly realistic and exciting driving experience.

We know how to bring results in every sector and business

Professional Driving Simulators for Corporate Events, Exhibition Stands, Shops and more


Corporate Events

Create unique and engaging corporate events for customers, collaborators and partners. Ideal for public events where to promote brands, products and services or for private events for employees, team building, training camp.

Event Agencies

Event, marketing and communication agencies can indulge themselves in creating exciting and stimulating events for their customers, choosing from the various Professional Driving Simulators and services available.
Professional Driving Simulator for Shopping Centers

Shopping centers

For shopping centers, the rental of F1 Simualtors or other Racing Car and Motorcycle Simulators is the ideal business to attract greater flow of visitors, engage them, excite them and generate more sales in the center.
F1 started with the Simulator at the Free Time Fair in Bolzano


From the largest technological, innovative, motoring, business fairs, to the more traditional local festivals, the Formula 1, GT, Rally, Truck and Motorcycle Simulators can attract any type of target.
Professional F1 Simulator Station Fbrand - Admiral Casino event in Mendrisio Switzerland

Hotel, Resort & Bar

In hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, amusement parks, casinos and other transit and entertainment places, Driving Simulators are ideal for attracting and entertaining even more people.
Stand Vision Ottica Milan June 2017 - Professional F1 Driving Simulator Fbrand

Retail and Shops

Also for shops, points of sale, supermarkets, commercial activities, the Simulators of Racing Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles are perfect for developing customers, sales and image.
F1 simulator Fbrand - Fassina Group Car Dealer Tony Fassina - Milan

Auto Dealers

The Car Simulator with Fbrand it is the ideal solution for car dealers who want to promote events, test drives, new releases and increase their business.
Event Fbrand - Ideal Standard Formula 1 simulators - Monza racetrack

Racetracks and Sports

Racetracks and kart tracks, sports centers, rallies and sport and motor events are the ideal environment to host Driving Simulators, thrilling and involving all guests.

Don't have a location to hold your event?

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We have the right place for you!

We are waiting for you in our Driving Simulation Center Fdrive Garage for Events and Team Building: we are in Bergamo (by reservation only)!

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Rental for Corporate Events and Fairs

We bring you queues of customers and visitors, we make them entertained and excited in any type of event, fair, promotion, marketing initiative.

Production and Sale of High-End Simulators

We design, produce and sell high-end professional driving simulators, handcrafted and made in Italy, also completely customized, for entrepreneurs, pilots and companies.

Professional Simulation Center


We host Professional Pilots, eSports Pilots, Team Building Events, Private Parties, Groups of Friends and Enthusiasts, in our Center with all the Simulators Fbrand available!

Total Quality Management

We adopt reference models (TQM) aimed at maximizing internal company performance and that of our customers, through processes and standards of the highest quality, ISO 9001 systems and more.

FGROUP is the only company in the world of Professional Driving Simulators to be ISO 9001 CERTIFIED

A large group at your side for every need!

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