Professional Dynamic Offroad Fury Rally Simulator

Experience the thrill of the dirt track with the Professional Rally Simulator

Dynamic Professional Rally Simulator for Business Events

The Offroad Fury Dynamic Professional Rally Simulator promoted by Fbrand is the new frontier of ultra-realistic driving simulation on dirt roads.

The Rally Simulator is the result of the highest technology and professionalism, which includes a 5 DOF dynamic movement system (Levels of Movement), professional steering wheel, gearbox and pedals, for an ultra realistic, exciting and true driver driving experience.

The Rally Driving Simulator is ideal for any type of corporate event, trade fair, shopping center, tourist business, car dealership, racetrack and kart track, where the goal is to generate a continuous flow of customers, sales, brand awareness and customer satisfaction. and guests.

The Professional Rally Simulator is perfect even in the case of small spaces thanks to its different versions in different sizes for flexible needs.

Over 200 customers, multinationals and SMEs, selected for more than 300 corporate events, trade fair stands and shopping centers, hotels and restaurants, racetracks and car dealerships, other business opportunities: these are the numbers of our experience and expertise both in technology and in marketing .

Today we are able not only to provide products of the highest quality and professionalism, but also to understand and achieve the objectives that our customers want to achieve during their corporate events.

“The event with the simulator and the professional Fbrand service worked great, they made a difference! There were delighted customers and endless queues competing for places to get on the simulator. "

This is just one of the opinions on the Professional Rally Simulator from our customers, in particular that of the Head of Tag Heuer Central Italy at the end of one of the events organized together with Fbrand.

Professional Rally Simulator: Technology and Services

  • N.2 MONITOR04 inches Curved4K
  • Fanatec 2.5 steering wheel
  • Fanatec pedal unit
  • 5 DOF motion system
  • Dolby 5.1
  • Seating with Racing PRO seat
  • 4-point belts
  • Sequential gearbox
  • Handbrake

The Assetto Corsa software created by Kunos simulations, with the latest generation graphics engine, extremely advanced physics engine and a sophisticated mathematical model of the tire, is capable of fully recreating the driving condition at the limit.

The cars are modeled using the technical data and engineering consultancy of sports car manufacturers. Several cars are available including the legendary Lancia Delta. It is possible to request customized customizations for the customer.

The driving dynamics have been tested by professional drivers and track engineers to ensure the greatest possible realism.

The circuits have been reproduced with a laser-scan system in order to guarantee an excellent level of quality in the detail of the track.

The software can be set on 4 difficulty levels and makes the Professional Rally Driving Simulator accessible to everyone: from amateurs to professional drivers.

With the Multiplayer Race mode it is possible to make multiple simulators compete with each other in real time.

By connecting the simulators to a computer and monitor or big screen
it is possible to follow the race as if it were broadcast on television, with multiple points of view and even aerial shots.

Among the various circuits available (constantly updated with the software) there are tracks dedicated to the Rally and with dirt roads such as: Pine Ridge Rally, Karelia Cross and Gentlemen Rallycross.

Not only assistance and qualified technical, logistical and marketing support, Fbrand also provides complete services and packages for those who really want to create a successful event.

Some examples of services useful for creating unique and exciting events are: branding of the body, the circuit and the car (in-game), high-level and handcrafted hardware and software customizations, augmented virtual reality and more.

Rally Simulator: Price and Availability

The Offroad Fury Professional Rally Simulator promoted by Fbrand is available for rental in one or several units (also together with other categories of Professional Driving Simulators).

It is recommended to pre-book the Professional Rally Simulator to ensure it is available for the next event date.

In the estimate phase, it is possible to add optional services useful for creating unique and impactful events.

You can choose between short-term rental for events of a few days and long-term rental for business solutions over extended periods.

Fbrand is able to provide customized solutions tailored to the needs of each event.

The cost of the Rally Simulator may vary according to the version selected, the duration of the event, any additional simulators desired and the customizations and optional services selected.

To find out the price of the Rally Simulator click below and request more info and a quote.