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Professional Driving Simulators to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

We Create Successful Events to Accelerate Your Business

Fbrand is the solution to achieve the Marketing Goals of your Corporate Events thanks to the Ultra Realistic Driving Simulation Experiences.

With the Rental of F1 Simulators and other Professional Driving Simulators we have managed hundreds of Successful Events for multinationals and SMEs.

With Fbrand you will have expertise and experience in marketing for corporate events, high-tech and artisanal professional dynamic simulators for custom-made solutions (NO static simulators and NO video games), professional services and all the best service providers for events ( including ancillary services, logistics, etc.), rental benefits and much more.

Helping companies to increase the flow of customers and sales, develop their brand awareness and improve the satisfaction and engagement of their customers, organizing unique and successful events: this is our aim.

All this is supported by our passion, experience and expertise in marketing, technology, driving simulation and products of the highest quality and technology standards.

We aim to provide increasingly innovative technological solutions and services to support companies in organizing exciting, unique, original, cutting-edge events capable of generating new business.

Fdrive is the Professional Driving Simulation Center which offers the opportunity to try all the Simulators, even in multiplayer mode, for:

  • Challenges between friends, birthday parties, graduation, celibacy and hen parties, private and corporate parties, both inside the Fdrive Center and in other locations;
  • Professional Drivers Training, training and official eSports competitions by LICS (Italian League of Simulation Centers);
  • Rent driving simulators for private use;
  • Give a driving experience in Fdrive to whoever you want.

Find out more about the fdrive.it site.

ESTECH extension (Elite Simulation Technology) is the brand dedicated to design and production of High Range Professional Simulators for Fbrand and Fdrive.

ESTECH is a high quality brand and supplies Tailor Made Simulators for corporate events, professional driver training and for the most demanding and high-profile customers who want to satisfy every desire with a dedicated and customized professional simulator.

Find out more on the ESTech Simulators.

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The Experience to Bring Your Next Event to Success

Types of Simulators
Driving Simulators F1, FE, GT, Rally, Truck, Motorcycle, Go Kart
Realized Events
For companies, fairs, shopping centers, car dealers, hotels and racetracks
Rides on board the simulators
Satisfied Drivers, Happy Customers
Selected Customers
From multinationals to SMEs

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How we work

We provide Professional Driving Simulators for corporate events with the formula of short-term rental for corporate events from 1 to 360 days or operating rental from 18 to 60 months.

Based on the type of event to be held, Fbrand is able to provide flexible and functional solutions to achieve its marketing objectives.

Fbrand has different types of Professional Simulator, each of which can be adapted to different themes and settings of the event.

Not just car simulators. The following are available: F1 Simulators, Formula E Simulators, GT Rally Simulators, Truck Simulators and Motorcycle Simulators.

With Fbrand there is the possibility to rent more simulators, even of different types, to organize even more fun, competitive and full of experiences events.

The Rental of the Professional Driving Simulator is only the starting point to create a truly original, innovative and profitable event in terms of business.

Fbrand provides assistance and qualified technical support during the event, but also complete services and packages for those who really want to create a successful event, including: branding of the body, the circuit and the car (in-game), hardware and software customizations upscale and handcrafted, and more.

The Results to Push Your Business As Well

Fbrand About Us - Case History Sky Sport F1 - Motorshow Bologna
Sky Sport F1 at the Motorshow
“More than 25% of sales compared to the expected objective of the event. Fbrand was a decisive solution for our goal, also in terms of brand positioning. "
Crowd Queue Stand Tag Heuer OrioCenter Bergamo - GT Rally Fbrand simulator
Tag Heuer and Fabiani Jewelers
More 30% Sales and 8000 New Leads for Tag Heuer and Fabiani Jewelery with Fbrand and the GT Rally Simulator in front of the Orio Center Bergamo shopping center.
Petronas Simulator Truck - R&T Center Turin
Petronas R&T Center Turin
“The event was very successful, all customers and employees enjoyed it. The Fbrand staff was very good, very kind and helpful. ”. The Truck Simulator Was Made To Measure.

Accelerate Your Business with Fbrand and Driving Simulators!