Professional Go Kart Simulator - Hot Race Junior (6-12 years)

Have fun at full speed and in complete safety on the Professional Kart Simulator

Professional Go Kart Simulator for Business Events

The Professional Go Kart Simulator - Hot Race promoted by Fbrand is the most advanced Professional Driving Simulator on the market to offer you the adrenaline of driving on Go Kart extremely realistic and in complete safety.

The Go Kart Simulator was developed exclusively for Fbrand by professional experienced engineers in the Go Kart sector. With Fbrand you can make unique and high-level customizations for your customers.

The version of the Junior Hot Race Kart Simulator (6-12 years) is dedicated to children for absolute fun.

The Go Kart Simulator is ideal for events and marketing initiatives with prizes and competitions, but also for training courses, suitable for those who love Go Karting and want to know every trick of driving and have fun in complete safety.

With our Professional Driving Simulators we have managed over 300 events for more than 200 selected customers thanks to decades of experience and a high level of technological, commercial and marketing knowledge and competence.

Today, in fact, we are able not only to supply products of high quality standards and the utmost professionalism, but also to understand and implement the marketing objectives of our customers for events and business opportunities.

  • "The simulator is very real!"
  • "The trajectories are also very realistic!"
  • "It's a good way to learn driving!"

These are just some of the opinions released by our customers and by those who have tried the Professional Go Kart Simulator.

Professional Kart Simulator: Technology and Services

  • RCG original frame.
  • Original pedals modified with sensors to make the driving experience more and more realistic.
  • Thrustmaster steering wheel, RS300ass shaker.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Curved Smart Tv Monitor.
  • Amplified audio system with double side speaker.
  • Bass shaker (subwoofer) placed behind the seat to best reproduce the particular sounds of the kart in motion (eg curbs and acceleration).
  • Static simulator ready to upgrade to dynamic (available for purchase and long-term rental of the simulator).

Software for PC, Racing Kart Pro, among the best Kart software with the main categories of engines.

It is possible to compete on the main Italian and foreign circuits, with the possibility of setting the Kart by customizing and saving your settings.

With Professional Driving Simulators, many services are available to transform markeing events and initiatives into opportunities and success.

From technical assistance to support at the event location, from logistics and marketing solutions to premium services to create unique, tailor-made events.

Delight guests and visitors of your events with an experience of virtual and augmented reality or with the branding of the body, the circuit and the car (in-game), then with high-level and handcrafted hardware and software customizations.

Go Kart Simulator: Price and Availability

The Go Kart Hot Race Junior Driving Simulator promoted by Fbrand can be booked with the short or long term rental service (also together with other categories of Professional Driving Simulator) based on availability.

Don't wait, book the Professional Kart Simulator in advance for your events and marketing initiatives, avoid it becoming "sold out".

Request a quote and you will also discover the best optional services useful for creating unique and exclusive events.

With the Rental of Dynamic Professional Simulators we have managed hundreds of Successful Events for selected clients, multinationals and SMEs.

Choose from 2 options: short-term rental for events of a few days or long-term rental for extended business activities.

The cost of the Go Kart Simulator varies according to the duration of the event, quantity, type and set-up of the Professional Simulator chosen, but also based on the additional services that Fbrand offers to create exciting, fun and more business-friendly events. .

Find out the price of the Go Kart Simulator: ask for a detailed quote by clicking on the button below.

Do you want to train your child for high level Go Kart competitions? Fun, professional training and total safety are the keywords that you will also find in the Fdrive Center, where you can try the Go Kart Simulator.

The Professional Go Kart Simulator allows a high level of customization in technology and set-up, for an extremely realistic driving experience and professional training.

Send your request for info through Fdrive, Fbrand's “cousin” company for the private sector.