Professional Truck Simulator - Street Dominator

Show off your Truck Driver attitude driving the Professional Truck Simulator

Dynamic Professional Truck Simulator for Business Events

The Professional Truck Simulator - Street Dominator promoted by Fbrand is a product with the highest technological and quality standards, made from the faithful reproduction of a truck cabin with all real controls.

The Truck Driving Simulator is the result of the highest technology and professionalism, which includes dynamic movement system on five axes, professional steering wheel, gearbox and pedals, for an ultra realistic, exciting and true driver driving experience.

The Truck Simulator is an ideal product for technological, sporting, alternative corporate events, to feel like real “tough”, daring and courageous truck drivers and drivers ready to travel at full speed on real trucks and “monsters” of power and engines.

It is the perfect solution to attract onlookers, guests, customers and excite those present at their corporate events, promoting both image and sales.

Over 10 years of experience, 200 selected customers, 300 high-level events carried out with Professional Driving Simulators: Fbrand's numbers confirm not only technological knowledge and competence, but also of marketing.

Today we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for unique, exciting, fun corporate events, but above all able to achieve the pre-established marketing objectives.

"The event was very successful, all customers and employees enjoyed it. The Fbrand staff was great, very kind and helpful. In conclusion, we did something nice and appreciated with the awarding of the first three finishers".

This is just one of the reviews on the Truck Simulator after a successful event made by Fbrand with Petronas.

Simulator of Truck - Truck Pro Dynamic: Technology and Services

  • made from a truck cab with all real controls
  • 1 movement platform 5 DOF (levels of movement)
  • basic simulator movement station dimensions 190x170x39 cm
  • height of the simulator: 2,40 m
  • real truck ignition, steering wheel, shifter and pedal board
  • dashboard reproduced via tablet
  • 3 screens: 55 inch full hd 4k TV
  • 1 tv stand
  • 220V power supply with 3 USB
  • dolby bose

Based on the latest generation Assetto Corsa software created by Kunos simulations, with the latest generation graphics engine, extremely advanced physics engine and a sophisticated mathematical model of the tire to fully recreate the driving condition at the limit.

The Truck model was built using technical data and engineering consultancy from industry professionals.

The circuits have been reproduced with a laser-scan system in order to guarantee an excellent level of quality in the detail of the track.

The software is configurable on 4 levels of difficulty making the Truck Simulator usable for both amateur and professional level.

By connecting the simulators to a computer and monitor or big screen
it is possible to follow the race as if it were broadcast on television, with multiple points of view and even aerial shots.

Among the available tracks (constantly updated with the software) it is possible to try: Monza, Misano and Albert Park.

Not only assistance and qualified technical, logistical and marketing support, Fbrand also provides complete services and packages for those who really want to create a successful event.

Some examples of services useful for creating unique and exciting events are: branding of the body, the circuit and the car (in-game), high-level and handcrafted hardware and software customizations, augmented virtual reality and more.

Truck Driving Simulator: Price and Availability

The Professional Truck Simulator - Street Dominator promoted by Fbrand can be booked for events of short duration or for longer periods even in multiple units (also together with other categories of Professional Driving Simulators) based on availability.

We recommend that you pre-book the Professional Truck Simulator to ensure that it is available for your next event date.

In the estimate phase, optional services will be offered that are useful for creating events with a truly high image return, customer satisfaction and marketing.

With the Rental of the Professional Truck Simulator and other Professional Simulators we have already created hundreds of highly successful corporate events.

You can choose between short-term rental or long-term rental (operating lease) for extended business opportunities.

The price of the Truck Simulator varies according to the duration of the event, the number and type of Professional Driving Simulators desired, but also based on the customized and additional services selected for the event.

To find out the cost of the Truck Simulator you can request a detailed quote by clicking on the button below.